A `google_gke` asset generates a terraform file that will create a Google GKE Cluster.

This content is associated with a legacy version of the Replicated product. For the current Replicated product documentation, see

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A google_gke asset generates a terraform file that will create a Google GKE Cluster.

It also populates a template function GoogleGKE that takes the name of the cluster and returns the path to the generated kubeconfig for the cluster. This template function is only valid after the asset has been generated as part of the render lifecycle step, but can be used by later assets within that step. The file itself is created when the generated terraform is applied, whether by the terraform lifecycle step or otherwise. This is intended to be used within the kubectlApply lifecycle step.

Required Parameters

  • cluster_name - The name of the cluster.

Optional Parameters

  • additional_zones - A comma separated list of additional Google Compute Engine locations in which the cluster’s nodes should be located. If additional zones are configured, the number of nodes specified in initial_node_count is created in all specified zones.

  • credentials - Base64 encoded contents of a file that contains your service account private key in JSON format.

  • dest - The path within installer/ to place the generated file. Defaults to

  • initial_node_count - The number of nodes to create in this cluster (not including the Kubernetes master). Defaults to 3.

  • machine_type - The name of a Google Compute Engine machine type. Defaults to n1-standard-1.

  • min_master_version - The minimum version of the master. GKE will auto-update the master to new versions, so this does not guarantee the current master version–use the read-only master_version field to obtain that. If unset, the cluster’s version will be set by GKE to the version of the most recent official release (which is not necessarily the latest version).

  • mode - Ignored

  • project - The ID of the project to apply any resources to.

  • region - The region to operate under, if not specified by a given resource.

  • when - This asset will be included when ‘when’ is omitted or true

  • zone - The zone that the master and the number of nodes specified in initial_node_count should be created in.


    - google_gke:
        credentials: <BASE64 ENCODED STRING>
        project: my-project
        region: us-east
        cluster_name: cluster-with-all-options
        zone: us-east1-b
        initial_node_count: '5'
        machine_type: n1-standard-4
        additional_zones: 'us-east1-c,us-east1-d'
        min_master_version: 1.10.6-gke.1