Airgapped installation error on .airgap upload


I am seeing this below error in admin UI after I pointed the installation process to my .airgap file.

Unable to upload license: process license properties: finalize license import offline: schedulers don’t match: expected = kubernetes, actual = replicated

Any help?


It sounds like you’ve installed the replicated scheduler, not the kubernetes scheduler. The kubernetes scheduler airgap package can be downloaded here as per the help center article and is installed with cat ./ | sudo bash -s airgap. It sounds as if you ran cat ./ | sudo bash -s airgap instead, or downloaded the non-kubernetes airgap package - this installs the native scheduler.

To bring your installation to a working state, you need to uninstall the native scheduler prior to running the kubernetes installation process above. You can do this by following the instructions here. There are quite a few files to remove!


i simply followed the doc here -


Yep! But your license file is for kubernetes - that’s what the ‘expected = kubernetes, actual = replicated’ part of the error is saying.


yeah… understood. is there a reason the license file was generated with k8s metadata vs replicated? is that by default? configurable?


This means that there is a section of the app’s yaml that has # kind: scheduler-kubernetes at the beginning.

All apps should have a single yaml section with # kind: replicated. For native apps, this is the only section. Swarm apps will have several # kind: scheduler-swarm sections following this, and Kubernetes apps will instead have several # kind: scheduler-kubernetes sections following the # kind: replicated section.


aah… now it all makes sense… my app is k8s so i think scheduler-kubernetes makes sense. so i should be using the installer you shared earlier. cool.

i should have followed


Personally, I’ve found prototyping with online installations to be much easier - airgap requires some additional work to ensure that all of the images are present, but that can be done after the app is working!


makes sense. that’s our approach too… its working with online already. now trying to make work with airgapped setup.