At what exact time will a license expiration policy take effect?


A license will expire at 00:00:00 UTC of that date on which you have chosen to expire the license. For example if your customer is in PST and the expiration date is 12/31/2018 then the license expiration policy will take effect the previous day on 12/30/2018 at 16:00:00 PST.

Expiration policies can be one of

  • Ignore - no action is taken when license expires.
  • Prevent Updates & Do Not Restart - the application will continue working, however if it is stopped, the user will not be able to start it again.
  • Prevent Updates & Stop All Containers - the application will be stopped automatically and the user will not be able to restart it.


Can I change the expiration policy in the vendor dashboard and it will be updated on the customer’s instance or the policy is determined on the first time the license is used/installed?


You can change the policy and it will reflect once the license is synced. The license will sync on a schedule that defaults to every 10 hours although this is configurable in the admin console. The license can also be synced manually by navigating to the /console/settings page in the admin console and clicking the “Sync License” button.

In order to sync an airgapped license, a new license must be downloaded and placed on the server at the location specified on the /console/settings page in the “License File” field. The license can then be synced by navigating to the /console/settings page in the admin console and clicking the"Sync License" button or waiting for the scheduled sync.