Automated Snapshot Configuration


In Replicated, snapshots can be run any time by clicking the “Run” button on the dashboard.
Sometimes, it may be preferable to configure this to run automatically, on a set schedule.
This can be accomplished by editing (or creating) a /etc/replicated.conf and manually restarting
the Replicated service.

Sample conf file

  "SnapshotsPath": "/var/lib/replicated/snapshots",
  "SnapshotsSchedule": "0 0 * * *",
  "SnapshotsMaxBackups": 4,
  "DisableScheduledSnapshots": false
Setting Acceptable Values Description
SnapshotsPath A path location as a string The location where your snapshots are stored.
Default Value: /var/lib/replicated/snapshots
SnapshotsSchedule CRON expression as a string A time interval as represented by a CRON Expression. (This is parsed and interpreted in GMT/UTC time zone).
Default Value: "0 0 * * *"
SnapshotsMaxBackups int Number of snapshots that will be kept (FIFO).
Default Value: 3
DisableScheduledSnapshots boolean A boolean that represents if automatic scheduled snapshots are running.
Default Value: true

NOTE: You have to restart the replicated service for these changes to take effect


service replicated restart


systemctl restart replicated

Take a look at our restoring from a snapshot article
for more on this subject.