Customer HTTP Proxies


Replicated does not automatically add an HTTP_PROXY (HTTPS_PROXY, http_proxy, https_proxy) environment variable to your application containers. You can add this via the environment variables section of the Replicated native scheduler YAML configuration using the template function {{repl Param "HttpProxy"}}. This template function is available for all schedulers.

Replicated will automatically add NO_PROXY and no_proxy environment variables to your application containers when using the Replicated native scheduler. Replicated will append the PRIVATE_ADDRESS of all operators on all hosts and the Docker bridge network gateway address of all hosts as well as anything set in the “replicated” container’s NO_PROXY or no_proxy environment variable. These environment variables can be set or modified in the /etc/(default|sysconfig)/replicated and /etc/(default|sysconfig)/replicated-operator files.

Below is an example /etc/default/replicated configuration file with the addition of a NO_PROXY environment variable:

REPLICATED_OPTS=" -e DAEMON_TOKEN=mrHgGWUlBdt1gmDTU7QU3d4xwCFA -e LOG_LEVEL=info -e NODENAME=testing.replicated.internal -e NO_PROXY=somebigbank.internal"