Customize the retraced bridge network


The native scheduler creates an additional bridge network for the audit log containers named replicated_retraced. On most servers the default bridge network will be assigned the subnet and the replicated_retraced bridge network will receive In other cases where docker is configured to use an alternative subnet, the replicated_retraced network should be pre-created:

docker network create replicated_retraced --subnet=


If you need to delete the replicated_retraced network so you can create it with a different subnet, use these commands:

systemctl stop replicated
docker rm -f retraced-api retraced-cron retraced-postgres retraced-nsqd retraced-processor
docker network rm replicated_retraced
docker network create replicated_retraced --subnet=
systemctl start replicated

If you want to check which subnet the network is using:

docker network inspect replicated_retraced