Delete the promoted release


I have promoted the release which I want to delete before the installation, Is there any way to update that release or delete that release. One more thing, My release taking a lot of time in updating the kubernetes enviornment.

As you can see in this release, It took me almost 5 hours to install another release and after that release, I am not able to install my another release. Is there any way to reset and start fresh installation without breaking current deployment?



I’m afraid there is no way to remove a release once it has been promoted to a channel. The customary solution there is t promote another release after it that is known to be good.

I’m also not sure what’s going on with your release installations. The screenshot doesn’t really show anything related to how long a release might have taken to install. And you say you are not able to install another release - do you mean that you are unable to go back to 0.1.5 from 0.1.6? Because the inability to downgrade is also expected.

Finally, what do you want to reset? The Replicated settings, app settings, app release - there are ways to reset each of those, but I need to know which one.



Fine, I am promoting another release that is good but do you have this feature of deleting the promoted release down the line on your roadmap as even i tried to update the release from CLI tool but still no luck in case of promoted release.

Thanks, I am done with the resetting.


I’ll put in “ability to delete promoted releases” as a feature request!