Devicemapper Installation Warning


Running devicemapper in loopback mode is discouraged for production. It has known performance problems and a different storage driver should be used. See devicemapper performance considerations and selecting a storage driver to understand the available storage drivers and limitations.

Linux Kernel Version Docker Version Constraints Recommended Storage Driver
< 3.17 Consider upgrading the Linux kernel or using devicemapper with direct-lvm. Using Direct-LVM is Docker’s recommended configuration for production for the devicemapper storage driver.
3.18 - 4.0 Consider moving to overlay but be aware that overlay uses a lot of inodes and so you should therefore use a volume that has a large number of inodes and monitor inode usage. See overlay and docker performance for details and best practices.
4.0+ 1.12+ You have the option to use overlay2 which overcomes the inode issue in overlay and has good performance.

To bypass the warning add a bypass-storagedriver-warnings flag when running the replicated or operator install scripts. For example

curl -sSL > install
cat install | sudo bash -s bypass-storagedriver-warnings