Finding the Most Recent Snapshot With replicatedctl


Output of the new replicatedctl snapshot ls command is randomly ordered, but often you will only care about the most recent one. By setting the output format to json with --output json, we can get a machine-readable output. Parsing json on the command line is difficult, but is simplified greatly by jq, a utility that describes itself as “sed for JSON data”.

So if we sort by finished, we’ll have an ordered list - but the most recent date will be last. However, jq allows for indexing from the end of the array, with -1 being the last item.

Putting it together, replicatedctl snapshot ls --output json | jq '. | sort_by(.finished) | .[-1].id' yields a single snapshot id string, such as "6c9482671fb045de6d775124c1856423", that can then be used in a restore operation.

The replicatedctl snapshot documentation can be found here.