Getting airgap download URLs from command line


Application airgap packages can be downloaded using the browser and following the link to the download page from the Customer screen. However, if there is a need to script it, the same link can be obtained with a curl command.

curl '<license-id>&sequence=<sequence-number>' \
  -H 'Authorization: Basic <base64-encoded-password>' \
  -H 'X-ReplicatedChannelID: <channel-id>' \
  -H 'Accept: application/json'

In this request:

  • license-id is the ID that appears in the URL on the Customer page and on the Airgap Download page.
  • sequence-number is the release number.
  • base64-encoded-password is the airgap download password encoded as a base64 string.
  • channel-id is the optional channel ID. This is the ID that appears in the URL on the Channel History page. For multi-channel licenses, this can be used to specify which channel bundle to download. If omitted, the default channel will be used.

The response will be JSON with two keys:

  "url": "",
  "imageless_url": ""

In this payload:

  • url is the url to the full airgap bundle with all application images.
  • imageless_url is the url to the airgap bundle that contains only release metadata without any images.

Both URLs are signed and will expire after 10 minutes.