How do let the user create Kubernetes cluster?


We are trying to use replicated as a company to help our enterprise users. Our stack is built upon docker and kubernetes and we were interested in packaging our application through replicated + kubernetes feature. We have already tried to run a sample yaml example to have a proof of concept but we still have some questions in mind. Right now, the kubernetes is being built by replicated and it comes as it is when we run the install script. What if we want to let our user create a new Kubernetes cluster which includes allocating different resources according to the user’s need? How to do that? Also, if we already have a Kubernetes cluster, how to use replicated in that case to provide support to the user. I guess in that case the cluster would be ours but still trying to figure out options as in how much flexibility does replicated offers around Kubernetes stack?


You can configure an existing Kubernetes cluster to use Replicated with the script found at This script will generate specs for the Deployments, Services, and PersistentVolumeClaims required by Replicated. You can read more about this process at

Once your application is up and running using Replicated, adding new nodes to the cluster is easy – there is a configuration screen in the admin panel that provides instructions for adding a new node to the cluster. Your customer can choose to use an installation script that will install Kubernetes and pull down the appropriate images; or they can add a node to the cluster via a one-line command. Documentation on this feature is here: