How to prefill the Replicated settings page with the Outputs values from AWS Cloudformation Stack



we are using Replicated to package our application stack and distribute it across multiple customers.

our deployment process has two steps, create the infra resources with AWS Cloudformation templates. once infra is up then we deploy the replicated license and on settings page we need to fill the service endpoints, cedentials which were created through the AWS Cloudformation templates.

now we are trying to automate the complete product deployment. we wanted to check if there is any way or method through which we can automate population of replicated settings page with the AWS Cloudformation Stack output values.

any suggestion or guidence would be highly appreciated.


Please see this article in our Help Center:


@dmitriy it is when we deploying replicated on a single node. in our case we are deploying replicated in the EKS cluster through AWS CLOUDFORMATION template by using custom resources.


If you are able to deliver a custom script using the user data option, then you could create all these files before replicated is installed. Another option is to create a custom AMI, but that’s probably not flexible enough in this case.


custom user data or AMI wont work for us. we are deploying replicated operators in the EKS cluster. is there any API through which we can do this?


There’s CLI for importing app settings: