KOTS: Error launching Kubernetes App


I have received the following error when trying to install my application via Replicated KOTS (embedded cluster via kURL)

failed to attach volume replicapool/pvc-13505369-13ad-47da-9032-e2aad08d9405: failed to map image replicapool/pvc-13505369-13ad-47da-9032-e2aad08d9405 cluster rook-ceph. failed to map image replicapool/pvc-13505369-13ad-47da-9032-e2aad08d9405: Failed to complete 'rbd': signal: interrupt. . output:


This can happen with KOTS apps on some versions of Ubuntu 16.04 – the recommended fix is to start from a clean Ubuntu 18.04 base image. (See supported versions for kURL for more)


Alternatively, you can upgrade the kernel to a later version to fix this problem. It has been verified in versions 4.15 and later. After a reboot, it should work.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ukuu
sudo ukuu --install v4.15