Node affinity issue when deploying replicated on EKS (AWS)


When deploying replicated (replicated.yaml) on EKS. The initial replicated container gets created successfully, but then the replicated-premkit container show an error [ 0/2 nodes selected. Node affinity / anti-affinity error].
With some research I found out that EKS does not support automatic provisioning of nodes due to which the premkit pods are not running. Is there a way through which we can automate the process of node selection in replicated.yaml when deployed on EKS.


Hello Deepak,

The replicated-premkit pod has an affinity rule that requires it to be run on the same node as the replicated pod. Can you check that the replicated pod is running. You can find out by running the command kubectl describe deploy replicated and looking at the number of available replicas. If replicated is indeed running then it may be an issue of resource contention on the node with replicated. Its possible the nodes in your cluster are either too small or you will need additional nodes.