Using Third Party Registries


Replicated can integrate with your third party private registry (ie Docker Trusted Registry,, ECR, GCR etc). To connect to these external registries you’ll need to connect your vendor account to these accounts on the app images page.

You’ll need to provide us with a reference name, endpoint, username, password and email address (we recommend creating a specific account for Replicated with read-only access to use).

Your credentials will never be shared or used by the customer to pull your images, instead your images will be proxied by us for each installation.

To access these images in your YAML you’ll need to use the reference name as the source & then the image name will need to provide the image name location, along with the version tag.

- name: App
  - source: mythirdpartyprivateregistry
    image_name: namespace/imagename
    version: 2.0.0

How do I add private Google Container Registry images in my application?

From the above, it was clear that the alias defined in the field “Name (Ref)” under Application -> Settings needed to be put into the release yaml under ‘components.containers.source’, but it wasn’t clear to me that ‘services.blah.image’ needed to be (if I’m using and not mythirdpartyprivateregistry/mycompany/blah:v1


Also, for Swarm and Kubernetes applications, the source does not need to be set within the application yaml. Instead, the images must be listed within the images section of the Replicated yaml and the application yaml must use the same image path. (For example, if your images section lists replicatedhq/ship, the image source in swarm must also be replicatedhq/ship)

- source: mythirdpartyprivateregistry
  name: namespace/imagename
  tag: 2.0.0
# kind: scheduler-swarm
version: '3.3'

    image: namespace/imagename:2.0.0