Install and use the golang SDK

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go get github.com/retracedhq/retraced-go

Basic Usage

Error handling omitted for brevity.

Initialize a client

import "github.com/retracedhq/retraced-go"

client, _ := retraced.NewClient("<project id>", "<api token>")

Create an event

event := &retraced.Event{
		Created:     time.Now(),
		CRUD:        "r",
		Action:      "user.login",
		Description: "User Alice logged in",
		SourceIP:    "",
		Actor:       &retraced.Actor{ID: "[email protected]", Name: "Alice"},
		Group:       &retraced.Group{ID: "bigcorp.com"},

Report an event

resp, _ := client.ReportEvent(event)

Verify the event receipt hash

err := event.VerifyHash(resp)
if err != nil {
	// hashes did not match
} else {
	// event reported successfully