Replicated Release Action

Documentation on the Replicated Release GitHub Action.

Replicated Release Action

Creates an application release from the replicated.yaml in the repo, and promotes it to the Unstable channel.

Success Criteria

The action succeeds if the release was created and promoted without error.


To use the release action, add it to your workflow:

workflow "Replicated Unstable Release" {
  resolves = "replicated_release"
  on = "pull_request"

action "filter-to-pr-open-synced" {
  uses = "actions/bin/[email protected]"
  args = "action 'opened|synchronize'"

action "replicated_release" {
  uses = "replicatedhq/replicated-action/[email protected]"
  needs = "filter-to-pr-open-synced"
  secrets = [
  env = {


Name Default Value Description
REPLICATED_API_TOKEN ”” Required. An API token from your Replicated account to use in requests

Environment Variables

The following environment variables can be set to override defaults:

Name Default Value Description
REPLICATED_APP ”” Required. Set to the app ID or app slug of your Replicated app