Development Environment

How to set up an environment to deliver with Replicated and Kubernetes

This content is associated with a legacy version of the Replicated product. For the current Replicated product documentation, see

Once your application is working in Kubernetes, you’ll want to set up a simple environment to iterate on your Replicated YAML. Our Starter Repo is designed to shorten the cycle between writing and testing YAML and will recommend best practices to help you solve problems quickly.


This guide assumes you’ve already completed the steps in create-release and install. If you haven’t already, you should complete those guide sections first. You’ll also need:

  • node
  • make
  • A git repository created to manage your Replicated YAML. We’ll use github in this example.

Get started

First, clone the starter repo, and re-initialize it

git clone
cd replicated-starter-kubernetes
rm -rf .git
git init
git remote add origin <your git repo>

Configure Environment

You’ll need to set up two environment variables to interact with, REPLICATED_APP and REPLICATED_API_TOKEN. REPLICATED_APP should be set to the app name in the URL path at

Next, create a Service Account API token from the vendor portal under Service Accounts:

Ensure the token has the appropriate “Write” access in the selected RBAC policy or you’ll be unable create new releases. Once you have the values, set them in your environment.


You can ensure this is working with

make deps list-releases

Iterating on Releases

Once you’ve made changes to replicated.yaml, you can push a new release to a channel with

make release channel=Unstable

For an integrated development approach, you can use make watch to watch the replicated.yaml file, linting and releasing whenever changes are made.

make watch channel=my-dev-channel

Integrating with CI

Often teams will use one channel per developer, and then keep the master branch of this repo in sync with their Unstable branch.

The project includes CI configs for Travis CI and CircleCI. Both configs will:

On pull requests:

  • Install dependencies
  • Lint yaml for syntax and logic errors

On merges to the github master branch:

  • Install dependencies
  • Lint yaml for syntax and logic errors
  • Create a new release on the Unstable channel in Replicated

These behaviors are documented and demonstrated in the replicated-ci-demo project.