Commands Reference

Command reference sub-specification for Programmable Preflight Checks and Test Procedures.

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Commands are a sub-specification of both Programmable Preflight Checks and Test Procedures. They return result messages, a status code and an error. Next we will look at examples. For details on the properties please see the resource specification section at the bottom of the page.


The scheduler command references a Pod defined in a special YAML file defined with kind preflight-kubernetes or test-proc-kubernetes. Standard out and standard error will be captured and returned via the result message. Any exit code as a result of the Pod will be returned via the status code of the command. When the Pod cannot be run due to an error, an error will be returned. The Pods can be scheduled to run on all nodes with the global mode or on a limited set of Nodes using selectors. All images used by the scheduler command Pods must be defined in the images section of your Replicated YAML.

Id: scheduler

Status Codes: 1, 22, 62 *

Name Type Required Description
data {kubernetes: {pod_name: string, node_selector: map[string]string, global: bool} yes A pod reference


id: scheduler
timeout: 15
    pod_name: "license-checker"
    global: true

Resource Specification


The command resource represents the command that is to be run. The command will return messages, a status code and possibly an error. See the commands section for a list of supported operations.

Name Type Required Description
id string yes The command id
timeout int no Timeout in seconds, default 15 seconds, -1 denotes no timeout
data object no The command data


The result resource represents the different possible outcomes of the command. A result contains a status, message and condition. Result are evaluated in order and the first matching result will determine the requirement status. If no condition properties are specified that result will always evaluate to true. If no results match the requirement will receive status error.

Name Type Required Description
status string yes One of success, warn or error
message string or Message yes A description of the result
condition Condition no The condition that must be met


All properties of a condition must be met to determine that condition to be true. The bool_expr property is intended to be evaluated using Replicated templates. This template will receive the following variables from the result of the command: .Results (array of messages), .Result (the first message), .StatusCode, .Error.

Name Type Required Description
error boolean no Did the command result in an error?
status_code int no The command status code
bool_expr string no An expression that can be evaluated and parsed as a boolean


A message resource can be localized via the id. It contains a default message that will be displayed when no localization is present. Messages have arguments that can be substituted into the text via templates.

Name Type Required Description
id string no The message identifier. Can be used to localize the message.
default_message string yes The default message
args map[string]string no Arguments to the message

Status Codes

Code Description
1 Catchall for general errors
22 Invalid argument
62 Timeout
98 Address already in use
111 Connection refused