Programmable Preflight Checks

A guide to implementing Programmable Preflight Checks to analyze customer systems to determine if the environment meets the minimum requirements for installation or update.

This content is associated with a legacy version of the Replicated product. For the current Replicated product documentation, see

The host requirements section of the yaml gives Replicated the ability to analyze system requirements and warn or prevent the user from proceeding with an installation or upgrade. In addition to host requirements, Replicated has the ability to define fully customizable preflight requirements as of version v2.29.0 . These programmable requirements provide flexibility to the point that an arbitrary command can be executed by a vendor provided image. See the commands section below for a full list of commands that may be run including examples.


Commands will be run to determine the status of a requirement. They return result messages, a status code and an error. Next we will look at examples. For details on the fields please see the resource specification section at the bottom of the page.


Run a preflight check using your own Pod definition.

Resource spec

To begin using custom raw preflight commands, add a Pod spec to your release yaml with kind preflight-kubernetes, then configure a scheduler command to use it in the custom_requirements section of your Replicated yaml.


# kind: replicated
- id: license-file-exists
  message: License file exists
  details: The vendor license file must exist on the host at /etc/vendor-license
  - status: success
    message: File /etc/vendor-license exists.
      status_code: 0
  - status: error
    message: File /etc/vendor-license does not exists.
      status_code: 1
    id: scheduler
    timeout: 15
        pod_name: "license-checker" # matches the Pod name below
        global: true

# kind: preflight-kubernetes
apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: license-checker
  - name: tester
    image: busybox
    command: ["test", "-e", "/host/etc/vendor-license"]
    - containerPort: 80
    - name: etc
      mountPath: /host/etc
  - name: etc
      path: /etc

Resource Specification

Custom requirements are represented with the followings and properties.


The requirement resource is the primary resource for Programmable Preflight Checks. A requirement represents a single check that is to be preformed during the installation and upgrade steps of the application lifecycle.

Name Type Required Description
id string yes A unique identifier for the requirement
message string or Message yes A short description of the requirement
details string or Message no A more detailed description of the requirement
when string no Will determine if this requirement should be run (evaluated to a boolean value)
command Command yes The command that will be run
results array[Result] yes An array of result objects that when evaluated will determine success or failure