Create Customers & Licenses

Details on the options available to vendors when creating a license for an end customer's upcoming installation.

Each customer you deploy to via Replicated will need a separate license file for their installation. This license file identifies the customer & application during the installation and update processes. A customer license is created in the Customers section of the vendor portal. You can manage the values and properties of that customer and license by selecting an individual customer.

Customer Name (Required)

The name of the customer to whom this license is assigned.

Assigned Channel (Required)

When you create a license you’ll need to assign it to a release channel. Stable channel is intended to be used for production installations. Nightly and Beta channels are intended for internal testing. More about release channel management.

Customer Type (Required)

It is important to identify the type of license that is being created, development, trial or paid. Development licenses are designed to be used internally by the development team for testing and integration. Trial licenses should be provided to customers who are on 2-4 week trials of your software. Paid licenses identify the end customer as a paying customer (for which additional information can be provided.)

Archiving Licenses

When a license is archived in the vendor portal, it will be hidden in the default license search and become read-only. Archival does not affect the utility of license files downloaded before the change. If you wish for them to expire, set an expiration date and policy before archiving. This is a convenience feature for how licenses are displayed in the vendor portal.