Upgrading Replicated

Instructions for upgrading Replicated

This content is associated with a legacy version of the Replicated product. For the current Replicated product documentation, see docs.replicated.com.

Re-run the install script on your primary node to upgrade Replicated to the latest version.

curl -sSL https://get.replicated.com/swarm-init | sudo bash

No script needs to be run on your secondary nodes.

Upgrading Airgap Installs

Airgap installations can be upgraded by downloading a newer version of the Replicated release, uncompressing it on your primary node, and re-running the install script using the airgap flag. The latest Replicated release can be found at https://s3.amazonaws.com/replicated-airgap-work/replicated.tar.gz.

tar xzvf replicated.tar.gz
cat ./swarm-init.sh | sudo bash -s airgap

Replicated upgrades with the Swarm scheduler do not require application downtime.


If your app is configured for auto-upgrades Replicated will attempt to upgrade itself whenever the installed app is updated.