Custom Preflight Checks

A guide to implementing the Custom Preflight Checks feature to analyze customer systems to determine if the environment meets the minimum requirements for installation or update.

This content is associated with a legacy version of the Replicated product. For the current Replicated product documentation, see

A preflight check is a test that is run before installing and running an application. The test will analyze the system to determine if the environment meets the minimum requirements.

The preflight check may be manually run for an existing installation by visiting:

  • https://[your server address]:8800/run-checks

By default, Replicated automatically adds preflight checks for:

Category Check
OS Linux
Linux Kernel 3.10 or greater
Memory 1 GB
Docker Version 1.10.3 or greater
Disk Space /tmp 1 GB
/var/lib/replicated 250 MB
/var/lib/docker 1 GB (docker root directory)
TCP Ports (Replicated services) 9870-9880 on docker0
Outbound internet access (if required) Replicated APIs, external registries

Additionally, it’s recommended to specify additional system requirements in the host_requirements section of the application YAML. These host requirements will apply to single node installs, as well as each node on distributed installs.

name: My Counter App
  docker_version: "1.10.3"
  cpu_cores: 2
  cpu_mhz: 2400
  memory: 8GB
  disk_space: 80GB
  docker_space: 10GB
  replicated_version: ">=2.3.0 <2.4.1"

docker_version refers to the lowest acceptable version of docker on the host. Any host running a docker version at or above this value will meet the requirement.

Replicated enforces these requirements and will not allow the customer to start the application without either meeting these requirements or dismissing the warnings. Upon dismissing preflight warnings, an entry will be recorded in the on-premise audit log.

Preflight Checks Screenshot


  • min_disk_space does not guarantee free space, it refers to the disk size mounted at the specified location.
  • The requested docker_version must be one of the versions Replicated supports.

Auto-Upgrading Replicated

The application level host_requirements key can be used to automatically upgrade Replicated. This feature can be enabled by specifying a version range in the replicated_version key. Version range syntax is similar to that used by npm. Versions that don’t support this feature will simply ignore the value. This key is also ignored by the pre-flight checks.

Auto-upgrades can be disabled by setting the DisableReplicatedAutoUpdates parameter from the cli.