Pod Logs

Collecting logs from a pod

The pod logs collector is not automatically included. You need to specify it in your spec to include pod logs. You can include this spec multiple times.

apiVersion: troubleshoot.replicated.com/v1beta1
kind: Collector
  name: sample
  - logs:
        - app=api
      namespace: default
        maxAge: 30d
        maxLines: 1000

The selector attribute is a standard Kubernetes selector. It can match any labels.

The limits field can support one or both of maxAge and maxLines. This will limit the output to the constraints provided. If not supplied, the maxAge will be unset (all), and the maxLines will be set to 10000 lines.

Included resources

When this collector is executed, it will include the following files in a support bundle:


This will be created for each pod that matches the selector.