Other installation options

How to install and use the preflight binary

If krew plugins are not an option, it’s still possible to run the same Preflight tool by installing a binary on your workstation, or by running preflights in a Docker container.


To install, download the latest release from our GitHub releases, or use brew if running MacOS.


curl -Lo https://github.com/replicatedhq/troubleshoot/releases/download/v0.9.0/preflight_0.9.0_darwin_amd64-alpha.tar.gz
tar xzvf preflight_0.9.0_darwin_amd64-alpha.tar.gz
sudo mv preflight /usr/local/bin


To install preflight on Linux:

curl -Lo https://github.com/replicatedhq/troubleshoot/releases/download/v0.9.0/preflight_0.19.0_linux_amd64-alpha.tar.gz
tar xzvf preflight_0.9.0_linux_amd64-alpha.tar.gz
sudo mv preflight /usr/local/bin


To install on Windows, download the latest release:

https://github.com/replicatedhq/troubleshoot/releases/download/v0.0.6/preflight_0.0.6_windows_amd64-0.0.6.zip and unzip it.