Defining License Fields

A walkthrough of defining License Fields (entitlements) and creating customer values.

Defining License Fields

Custom License Fields can be defined on the License Fields page on the left hand nav bar of the Replicated Vendor Portal.

Creating Custom Fields

To get started click the “Create a custom field” button.

Create a custom field

The License Field can then be configured to your specification. For the purposes of this guide we will create a num_seats field to enforce the number of accounts on a per-customer basis for our single-tenant enterprise application. Enter in all the fields and click the “Create” button to save the field.

Add a new field

Defining Customer Values

Navigate to the Customers page from the left hand nav bar and select an existing customer. You will now see the “Number of Seats” field in the “Custom fields” section at the bottom of the page. Enter a number or leave the default and click the “Save” button.

Customer entitlements

The next few sections will guide you through ingesting these entitlements in your Replicated Ship application.