How-to Guides

It's time to earn those Replicated wings. We've curated guides to take you from account creation to shipping your first application.

Getting started

Let us be the first to welcome you! We'll start with core concepts and terminology and then get you set up to create and license your first application.

Get to know our features

You've used Replicated and mastered the basics. You are familiar with all of the core concepts and terminology and have probably shipped at least one application.

Become production ready

You've mastered Replicated, you probably have shipped multiple applications and are familiar with some of our more advanced features.

Which scheduler is right for you?

Replicated gives you the flexibility to choose an orchestration layer that works best for your companies deployment strategy.

Replicated + built-in scheduler

The Replicated scheduler is a mature container orchestration runtime that supports Docker 1.7.1 and newer.

Kubernetes + Replicated

Kubernetes is a powerful and popular container orchestration and runtime that's quickly gaining popularity.

Docker Swarm + Replicated

Use Docker Swarm if you have existing docker-compose yaml and want to target servers running Docker 1.13.1 or newer.