Missing images tagged current


When using the native scheduler, the Replicated install script will create systemd unit files that run images with the current tag. If these images are missing, you may encounter an error like this:

Error response from daemon: manifest for quay.io/replicated/replicated:current not found.

If you try to pull this image from quay, you’ll discover it does not exist in the remote registry. Replicated locally tags a specific release image with the current tag at the time of install and upgrade.

The recommended solution for this error is to re-run the install script and let Replicated re-tag the release image. Alternatively, you can manually tag an image with a command like this:

docker tag quay.io/replicated/replicated:stable-2.32.0 quay.io/replicated/replicated:current

One instance where this is required is after running docker image prune --all, which can erroneously remove images of running containers.