Using the Configuration Screen


One of the core features of Replicated is the ability for any application to present users
with a configuration/settings page on which they can input values to be used to customize
their instance. Generally, these settings include things like hostname, SSL certs, SMTP
settings. Technical documentation config YAML.

Preview with YAML

This screen can be previewed in the vendor portal while viewing the YAML each release. You
can also use the Replicated Atom Preview Plugin.

Reconfigure Anytime

Saved anytime to restart with new values.

Restart Needed

Conditional Inputs

Conditional inputs allow you to determine when an item or group is shown.
(technical documentation)

Test Commands

Users to validate information like SMTP Auth, SSL Certs, Hostname resolution, GitHub Auth Credentials,
and AWS Credentials with the use of Replicated test commands.

Test Procs