What's in a license file?


Replicated .rli license files are relatively opaque. What’s in them?


The two main types of license file are the airgap-enabled and disabled files.

Both license types contain:

  1. A PGP public key, unique per application (and currently unused)
  2. A RSA private key, unique per license (and currently unused)
  3. The license ID
  4. A token for use with the Replicated docker registry

If airgap is enabled, the license will also have:

  1. The license’s support spec
  2. The license key
  3. App channel information
  4. Any license fields, such as the host count limit
  5. Any enabled feature flags
  6. The available set of console auth options (some subset of anonymous, ldap and password
  7. The license’s grant and expiration dates
  8. A signature of the license file