Which scheduler should I use?

Replicated can work with several container scheduler platforms to deliver the enterprise version of your application. You can use Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, or Replicated's built-in scheduler. Choosing a scheduler to use for your enterprise installations is an important first step, and this page will help you understand how Replicated works with each.

Kubernetes + Replicated

Kubernetes is a powerful and popular container orchestration and scheduler platform. Many organizations are investing in running their hosted product on Kubernetes, and want to leverage this investment for enterprise installations.

Replicated helps minimize the interactions between your customer and the Kubernetes cluster, with the builtin Admin Console providing the functionality required to manage your application.

  • One-line Installation

    Customers require zero knowledge of Kubernetes to install your application into their enterprise environment. Replicated will automatically install Kubernetes 1.15.12 and your application.

  • Reuse your existing k8s specs

    Existing kubernetes yml files are compatible with Replicated.

  • Run at Scale

    With the option to install into an existing Kubernetes cluster for advanced IT orgs, Replicated can power installations of significant scale and availability.

Docker Swarm + Replicated

Docker Swarm is great if you have existing docker-compose files and want to target servers running Docker 1.13.1 or newer.

Replicated supports deploying Swarm services to a swarm cluster. On operating systems supporting Docker 1.13.1 or later, you can provide an appliance-like enterprise experience using the Swarm scheduler, using your existing docker-compose.yml.

  • One-Line installation

    The only requirement to use Swarm is Docker 1.13.1 or later. Replicated will automatically provision the Swarm cluster.

  • Reuse your docker-compose.yml

    Existing docker-compose.yaml (v3 or later) is compatible with Replicated.

  • Rolling updates

    Docker Swarm services support high availability deployments and zero downtime rolling updates.

Replicated + built-in scheduler

The Replicated scheduler is a mature container orchestration runtime that supports Docker 1.10.3 and newer.

Used by over 500 enterprises in production systems today. This scheduler is a good choice if you want to maximize compatibility with enterprise systems and want to provide a simple, appliance-like experience.

  • One-Line installation

    Built into the platform, other than Docker, there are no additional dependencies required.

  • Supports Docker 1.10.3 and later

    Compatible with Docker 1.10.3 and above, the Replicated Scheduler is a good solution for customers using legacy operating systems.

  • Easy to run and manage

    The Replicated scheduler manages Docker containers with no additional command line tools.

So, which one is right for you?

Compare all the features side-by-side to help you make your decision.

One-line installation
Zero downtime updates
Automatic node failover
Legacy OS support
Airgap support
Custom Preflight Checks
Programable Preflight Checks
Programable Test Procedures
Support Bundle Generator
Brandable Admin Console
Automated App Updates
Differential Snapshot & Restore
LDAP/AD Integration
Security Audit Logging Service
Advanced Reporting Dashboard