Support Bundle YAML Specs

Reference Documentation for defining your Support Bundle collection and contents

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Support Bundle Collection Specs

Support Bundle collection specs can be used to define and customize what kinds diagnostic information you want to collect to debug your application. All Support Bundle specs support the following shared parameters:

Required Parameters

  • output_dir - The directory in the bundle to store the collection results

Optional Parameters

  • timeout_seconds - An amount of time to allow a collection to run before abandoning it

  • description - A description of the file(s) being collected

  • scrub - A regex and replace specification for removing sensitive data from files in the bundle

  • meta - A name and labels that can be used to organize and identify support bundle elements in generated bundles

  • include_empty - Allows empty files to be included in output


An example is shown below for the collector.

        # path on the host
        filepath: /etc/goodtool.conf
        # path in the bundle
        output_dir: /files/etc/goodtool-conf
        # a description that will be included in the bundle
        description: The GoodTool application configuration file
        # give up if we can't read the file in 10 seconds
        timeout_seconds: 10
        # scrub anything that might be sensitive
          regex: (db_password|api_secret_key) = (.*)
          replace: $1 = REDACTED
        # metadata that will be included in the bundle
          name: goodtool_conf
            area: "configuration"
            type: "readfile"
        # Includes file in output even if empty
        include_empty: true