Custom Backup Commands

Configure custom commands to run during a snapshot

Custom Backup Commands

Snapshots include customer console configuration, data from bind mounted volumes of all containers and if the customer instance is a multi-host instance, docker registry data will be backed up as well. You also have the ability to specify a custom script that will be run at the time of a backup. This script will run on the host that is running the primary Replicated container, not inside any of your containers. If you need this script to execute something within a container, you can call Admin Commands.

YAML Properties

enabled: A boolean or template function that evaluates to a boolean and then determines if backups are enabled.

pause_containers: A string that can equal “true” or “false”. If true, Replicated will pause all containers and then resume them upon completion (note your app will potentially have downtime). Take a look at this article for tips on zero downtime backups.

script: A bash script that will run on the server at the time of backup.

  enabled: '{{repl ConfigOptionEquals "backup_enabled" "1" }}'
  pause_containers: '{{repl LicenseFieldValue "zero_downtime_backups_enabled" }}'
  script: |
    replicated admin --no-tty backup